We really value what our parents, carers and children think about our settings so every year we ask for their opinions and ideas on everything from how well we greet you to how well we support you as a family. Here are some of the comments we recieved from our parents and carers this year.

Little Acres Childcare Centre

"I read lots of Ofsted reports and feedback from parents about different nurseries so I knew she would be more suitable at Little Acres as the SENco supports her needs fully."

"Little Acres is a friendly, happy nursery and the staff always do their best to provide a fun, happy, playful learning environment in which all my children have already thrived on."

"We had looked at another nursery and didn’t feel welcomed. From the minute we approached the gate at Little Acres we felt welcome here. We weren’t rushed around and they wanted to know about my child as an individual not a number."

"As soon as we visited we knew our child would enjoy spending time there. She has made lots of friends and loves her days at nursery."

"We attended the play group and were really made to feel at ease, after we looked around the nursery I knew he would be very happy here."

"I can say that the care we have received has been exceptional. She really loves going to nursery."

"Thank you for making our daughter feel so comfortable and happy at nursery, she is absolutely loving it which is a huge relief to us"

"Thank you for all your help with our son, he loves nursery and is more confident at home. We find now he is his own little person without his brother there. Me and his Dad appreciate everything you all do".

"So glad she had a lovely first day, thank you for all the effort you put in. She was in a good mood for the rest of the day and kept telling me how much she enjoyed pre-school and washing the cars".

"Really pleased to hear that my daughter is finding her confidence and that she can seek out support when she needs it and yes she loves getting messy and dancing to music at home! It’s lovely to hear that she is enjoying her time, she always looks forward to going on the days she is in and sometimes gets upset when she can’t- which is merit to the nursery and the fun you are providing"

"Thank you very much for this detailed report. It’s great to hear the many positive developments, especially the confidence and interactions. She sure does love music and messy play. I know she thinks very fondly of nursery. I’ve noticed her speech really come on recently and am sure this will continue"

Furzehill Childcare Centre
Newchurch Nursery

"Furzehill is a lovely setting with friendly and professional staff."

"It has a lovely feel to it, very professional yet such a laid back/calm atmosphere and all the staff are lovely. I just knew my son would be very well looked after."

“A great friendly place with helpful staff which I feel comfortable sending my child to.”

"Furzehill was the best nursery we have seen and my daughter was only happy here and everyone is very good at what they do."

Furzehill is safe, fun, has an engaging environment and excellent staff."

"It is an outstanding setting which really focuses on my child’s individual needs and interests. She loves coming and treats it as her second home."

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to the nursery. Thank you for everything you do; I am so impressed with every aspect of the nursery, from the facilities to the communication. Even during the lock down period, it was lovely how well the communication was maintained between the nursery and the parents/children. My child definitely seems to be happy and thriving in the environment which is so lovely to see and he was constantly asking about going back during the time you were closed.
It's mostly all the little things that really don't go unnoticed.
You're all amazing,

Thank you"

"When we came to have a look around, our child appeared settled straightaway. I liked the layout and the staff were so friendly. As soon as we left, he asked me to go to this nursery."

"We knew our son would love it at Newchurch, just as much as his big sister did. All the staff are always friendly, always approachable and we know our son is very well looked after and happy."

"It has a great reputation, it is a lovely setting and the staff are very friendly and helpful."

"It has a recent outstanding OFSTED grade."

"Newchurch nursery has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, my child was the happiest here and we looked around lots of other nurseries."

"I have family who have had their children at Newchurch nursery and heard nothing but good things."

"We were very impressed on our first visit, the staff were all very friendly and greeted us all politely and professionally which no other nursery did."

"The first time ever my daughter has come out of nursery saying “I love my big girls school” I’m so happy. Thank you to all the girls that have made her feel safe and welcome. You’ve all been amazing!!  I can’t thank everyone  enough for seeing her in at the entrance with smiles on their faces, it’s made a huge difference. The difference in her in one and a half weeks is brilliant."

"I’m so proud of how far my son has come with being at Newchurch Nursery. You’re all amazing. Each session he has been to, he comes home and tells me all about his day. He particularly loves to tell me about which teachers he’s spent time with that day! You’ve all really made such a big difference to my son. We’ve been practicing his colours and numbers a lot at home lately. He can tell me what numbers 1-6 are when seeing them written down and I ask him what number is what. I don’t think he’d have had the confidence he does now without all of your help. This past year has not been easy for either adults and children, but you’ve been diamonds for all you do at Nursery for the children. I’ll forever be grateful that although my son had not been able to go out and do as many fun things as normal, you’ve kept some form of normality to his little life and keeping him socialised. I really can’t thank you all enough"

Jigsaw Childcare Centre

"Fab Ofsted. Really impressed when we looked round and like that all ages in one room."

"My child is really happy at Jigsaw, he loved visiting when his brother came now feels at home."

"All staff are lovely and make leaving your precious little person so much easier."

"Couldn’t be happier, our son enjoys coming into pre-school and always has a great time."

"The staff are lovely. The nursery is big and has access to outside play."

"Our stays and plays were excellent both for me and my daughter"

"All staff are so welcoming and helpful and very approachable."

"I had read the Ofsted report of the nursery and chose a number of pre-schools to visit. As soon as I stepped inside Jigsaw I instantly got a very nurturing and welcoming feeling. Amazing pre-school!"

"All the staff are very encouraging, supportive, warm and loving."

"We visited a few different nurseries. This one had a good feel about it. The staff came across very friendly, even looking after our toddler as we looked around. We just had a good feeling whilst being there."

"We chose to move our son from another setting as he seemed unsettled there and the drop offs became upsetting for both of us. Since moving him to Jigsaw he has become more independent and much happier about going to a nursery setting."

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