"Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. We inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages." - www.gov.uk

Furzehill Childcare Centre
Jigsaw Childcare Centre
Newchurch Nursery
July 2019

"Children express much happiness and enjoyment during their time in this centre. They work together cooperatively, often singing and laughing spontaneously. The atmosphere is one of busy purposeful play."


"Staff promote a diverse learning environment for children. They celebrate a wide variety of cultural festivals as they learn about the world around them."


"Staff spend time getting to know the children and their families exceptionally well. Staff value all contributions from the parents and lines of communication are open and trusting."


"Because of the reflective practice and nurturing style of management in the centre all staff are passionate and enthusiastic about every aspect of the work they do. Consequently, staff are driven and keen to improve the outcomes for all children."


"As a result, of the very positive relationships the children form with the adults, they demonstrate high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem in all age groups."


"Children make excellent progress from their starting points and any gaps in learning are swiftly narrowing. Children are very confident and highly motivated to learn. They are extremely well prepared for the next stage in learning and the move to school."

"Children's behaviour is superb. Children follow the very good example staff present for them. Children work together extremely effectively as they make up a storyline about waking up in the morning and readily share resources. Children happily engage in their own play and persevere when challenged."


​"There is a very high drive for improvement at the nursery that is demonstrated by the focus on the development and training of staff. Staff attend a vast range of training courses, both in-house and external, to help them improve outcomes for children superbly."


"Children are exceptionally confident communicators and know staff value their opinions. They are supported during safe risk taking to develop very high levels of physical confidence, for example, as they ride bicycles outside. Very good hygiene practices are in place and children know when to wash their hands."

​"The inspirational and forward-thinking staff team is committed to improving teaching practice to ensure the best possible outcome for all children. Highly effective self-evaluation, which places children at the heart of all that staff do, ensures the nursery is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the families who attend."


"Children are highly motivated, self-assured learners who are eager to learn and join in with activities with great enthusiasm. Younger children quickly develop an extensive vocabulary of new words. Children learn to treat one another with respect, form close friendships and develop excellent social skills"


"Children develop exceptionally close relationships with all staff, who are extremely sensitive, caring and attentive to their individual needs. Staff meet children's health and emotional needs, including their mental health and specific medical needs, to a very high level"


 "Leaders empower staff to share ideas and, through precisely targeted support, inspire them to create unique and meaningful learning opportunities for children"


" Staff attention to promoting the physical skills of young babies is excellent. Very quickly after settling, nonmobile children develop in confidence and physical development"

Little Acres Childcare Centre
July 2019

"Leaders are inspirational. They are highly reflective and place children at the centre of the decisions they make about the nursery. Leaders place great importance on training and comprehensive supervision for all staff. This means that children benefit from outstanding early years provision"


"Staff demonstrate excellent levels of care and warmth towards children. This enables children to build strong attachments with staff, and feel safe and ready to learn. Staff use meaningful praise in their discussions with children. This boosts children's self esteem, as they understand what they have done well. "

"Parents' views are sought and acted on to make improvements. They are exceptionally complimentary about the superb support their children receive. Parents are kept well informed about their child's learning. They appreciate the ideas and advice that staff provide on how to support their child at home"




"Children are extremely capable learners and have vast skills they need for their next stage in learning, such as starting school"


"Children demonstrate impressive physical skills as they work collaboratively to build complex 'boats' from crates, wheels and tubes"

"Older children show a love of books; they confidently recall and read familiar stories to their friends. Children delight in exploring different media to enhance their early writing skills. For example, they expertly use paintbrushes to write their names in foam"