Elklan was established in 1999 by two experienced speech and language therapists Liz Elks and Henrietta McLachlan in response to a demand for training to be delivered by speech and language therapists to education staff to enable them to be more effective in their support of children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). 

Within each of our settings we have a key communication practitioner (KCP) who has completed Elklan level 3 training and is able to support and lead the whole staff team to ensure an environment which is rich in opportunities to promote communication and language. 

All of the staff across our organisation attend in-house communication counts training regularly to keep their knowledge up to date and to ensure that children are supported effectively with their early communication skills. 


WellComm is a toolkit designed to help early years settings identify children from six months to six years old who might be experiencing delays with speech and language. It can then help put immediate interventions into place, while waiting for a more formal assessment if necessary.

Every child within their first six weeks of starting at our nurseries will have a language assessment completed by a highly trained Early Communication lead who we have in each of our settings. 

WellComm operates a simple traffic light system of banding children in one of three categories. Green means no intervention is currently required, amber means extra support and intervention may be required and red means intervention will be considered and a possible referral to a specialist service for further advice.

After assessment our fully trained early communication leads will analyse the information and determine whether the children would benefit from some intervention to support their early communication. Where groups of children are working towards the same target, an early communication group may be appropriate for their needs. These are carried out by highly trained staff and all information regarding early communication groups and the outcomes are shared with parents.

The outcomes of the language assessment will be shared with parents/carers during a parent meeting at the end of the six weeks and after each review where applicable. 

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