Special Educational Needs (SEN)



Furzehill Childcare Centre Ltd welcomes children with special and/or additional needs and acknowledges that all children have the right to dignity, respect, care and a curriculum that fosters their individual needs.


The organisation works in line with the SEND Code of Practice, a copy of which is held in each centre and is available on request.


The organisation aims to work in partnership with parents/carers and outside agencies to ensure that a holistic approach and individual learning plan can be written to suit the needs of any child who has been identified as having a special or additional need. Outside agencies and professionals are welcomed into the centre’s at any time and to discuss the needs of the child.

Unless restricted by physical restraints the layout of the centre’s will be as such that it is accessible to all children. Additional resources will be provided wherever possible. Planning will give a clear framework that is flexible to meet the needs of each child. Observation and assessment will be used to inform future planning. NO child will be refused entry because of their special need, disability or additional needs, unless we are unable to make physical changes to the environment beyond our control to meet the needs of a child.


Staff will receive regular training and additional training when available and considered necessary for the benefit of the child/children.

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Each of our centre’s has a named SENCO who will ensure that IDP’s are written, the SEND Code of Practice followed and meetings are held and action plans implemented. Parents/carers will be made aware of any concerns the staff may have and will ensure effective communication methods are established.

A SENCO is a nominated person who is trained to identify, support and plan for the needs of individual children who may need additional support or who have an identified learning or physical disability.

The SENCO works with staff, children, parents and other agencies to ensure that appropriate strategies and plans are in place to support a child’s learning and development.

The SENCO is responsible for ensuring that the centre works with the Local Authority Early Support team and has regard for the SEN Code of Practice.


The SENCO has responsibility for:

  • Ensuring liaison with parents and other professionals in respect of children with special educational needs

  • Advising and supporting other practitioners in the setting

  • Ensuring that appropriate Individual Development Plans are in place

  • Ensuring that relevant background information about a child with Special educational needs is collected, recorded and updated


What is the SEND Local Offer?

The Local Offer lets parents and young people know what special educational needs and disabilities services are available on the Isle of Wight, and who can access them.

Every local authority must identify education, health and social care services in their local area provided for children, young people and families who have SEN or disabilities. These services are then put together in an information directory called the Local Offer. It is essentially the services and support that are offered to families who have children or young people with special educational needs and disabilities, from across the Isle of Wight.

If you have a child or young person with SEND, then think of the Local offer as all of the services and support available to them, and to you as a parent or carer.

The SEND offer for our childcare centre's is available upon request and by following the link below.

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